Alina Lodahl Portrait

Hi, I'm Alina Lodahl. I'm a Software Engineer with a passion for problem-solving and visual aesthetics.

After graduating from Thinkful's Full-Stack Web Development Program, I've gained field experience in San Francisco as a Software Engineering Intern at Gliffy, Front End Web Developer at Diwala, and a Software Engineer/Mentor at Colark.

With a background in humanities and a Bachelor's in Fine Art, I've been able to apply much of my experience to Web Development. Training in visual design, project planning, and a productive experiment/critique cycle have been valuable tools for creating and debugging web apps.

Mentor Weekly

Mentor Weekly is a free platform that connects tech mentors to up-and-coming engineers. Mentor Weekly was personally designed and built with React, NodeJS, Next.js, and Express. The project also uses images designed in Adobe Illustrator, emails using SendGrid, authentication with Auth0, and tested with Enzyme, Jest, and Mocha/Chai libraries.

Colark Marketing Site

Colark builds tools that allow companies to quickly architect and ship their web apps, and grow sustainably thereafter.

I lead Engineering Team Sprint Planning, and mentor Junior Developers in Agile, Jira, Git, React, HTML, and BEM CSS at Colark. As a Front End Engineer, I build React components for the Marketing Site with GatsbyJS, GraphQL, Chai and Enzyme.

Techtonica Curriculum

As Techtonica's Curriculum Developer, I write and oversee new curriculum for the Web Developer Apprenticeship Program. In addition to managing the github open-source repo for lesson markdowns & learning apps, I lead volunteer events and review pull requests.


Partnering with the UN Refugee Agency, this platform provides career growth opportunities and digital certification of skills to people in displacement.

Personal open-source work for Diwala has included React/Typescript custom components and images for the main spinning shape and the media & news slider for Sass, BEM CSS, Redux, Yarn, Google Firebase, Adobe Photoshop, and iMovie technologies were employed as well.

Project Timer

Project Timer is a personal project that allows users to create and save as many customized timers as they need to time their personal projects. Project Timer employs HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, with jQuery, NodeJS server files, an online Mongo database, Mocha integration tests, Heroku deployment via Travis, and user authentication with JavaScript Web Tokens.

Recipe Builder

This recipe search is a personal project that uses the Edamam Recipe API to search for recipes based on ingredients. Add or remove as many ingredients as you like to search for recipes with that combination. Recipe Builder was built using HTML, CSS styling, JavaScript, custom modal pop-ups, jQuery and AJAX to retrieve and display API data.